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A Radio Series with Jonathan Hooton

Soul Talk is a 1 hour internet radio show that explores the qualities of the soul that contribute to a purposeful and meaningful life, a life moved by a passion that serves others, often emerging from dark or challenging times. These qualities heal rigid black and white stances, such as perpetrator/victim, love/hate, love/fear, and us/them prejudice. As the listener you will have an opportunity to open to deeper and wider perspectives that are more flexible and inclusive.

My desire is to talk with people who are exploring these aspects of life and have found different solutions and understandings for these polarized stances and take a soul-centered approach to promote healing; with people who promote a cooperative, consensual approach, who bring a soul awareness into their businesses and relationships. This is a spirituality that is grounded in embodied living.

My vision for each show is collaborative. Questions and conversation will focus around how my guests find purpose and meaning in what they do, what is their passion, how it is of service to a greater whole and how they see their work supporting empowerment, love, and inclusiveness in those they serve; how their work is part of healing one or more of the polarities mentioned above.

Some of the topics for the show and the dualities that we get invested include:

  • Mind-body split manifested as an identification with our thinking - many traditions have treated the body as an impediment to spiritual awareness, or have controlled people by enforcing this split with fear of bodily pain (e.g. torture, corporal punishment).

  • Head-heart: Cree saying: “The longest journey, is the shortest distance: from the head to the heart.” The intelligence of the heart.

  • Humanity-nature split expressed as a belief that humanity is separate from nature, that we can use the earth’s gifts with impunity, without respect. The current trend in organic farming and gardening and respectful relationship with animals is a world-wide move to reverse this attitude.

  • Us-them, victim-perpetrator splits acted out in racial and tribal prejudice and revealed at a gross level in, for example, genocides, the Black American experience, the Native American experience, the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland.

  • Family: the split between parent and child, the generation gap, ancestral entanglements, the family soul.

  • Life-death: the current split in addressing and embracing death in our “Western” culture.

  • Male-female: gender prejudice.

  • Aboriginal and restorative justice: non-judgmental and inclusive processes of bringing healing to the victim, perpetrator and the community – seeing the crime as a symptom of an unbalanced community.

  • Child development and education: the origin of splitting from an authentic self in early development through family, culture, and educational practices. The role/place of spirituality in education.


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Soul Talk will provide a platform for the listener to network and access resources of interest. Soul Talk is broadcast live every Friday at 11 AM Pacific Time on 7th Wave Network.

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The costs of this show are financed in part by the guests and by listeners who want to support this enterprise. Any donation will be gratefully received and acknowledged on the show and on this website. Donors may also ask to have links to websites and projects they find meaningful published on this website and on Jonathan's host webpage on VoiceAmerica.

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Jonathan would like to thank the following people for making this show possible:

All of the speakers.

The following who have sponsored complete shows:
Nowhere Foundation -
     #2 Enhancing Children's Learning with Judith Hemming and Jane James
Alta Care Resources -
     #7 Simply Lost for Words with Allen Balser
Northern Star College of Mystical Studies -
     #8 Northen Star College
Shannon Fleming
     #9 Animal Holocaust with Sinikka Crosland and Twyla Francois

The following who have very kindly contributed financially:
Anna Beaumont -
Dr. Dan Booth Cohen -
Sherry Dahl -
Aydan Dunnigan
Julia Kopala -
Victoria and Navid Tirmizi -

Mark Pace, executive producer, Jeffrey Gerstl, Ruben Colombe, William Lowe, Nicole Brors, Randy Jackman, and all the staff at Voice America.


Unity Through Diversity: Playing For Change

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