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A Few Comments About Jonathan's Work

"When you are with Jonathan, he exudes “soul” and “presence”. He uses his considerable intellect, knowledge and skills acquired from a variety of trainings, and his delightful sense of humour, within an authentic, grounded, human and spiritual practice.

Being “with” Jonathan, is to know that you are both with a “soul” and that your own soul will be seen and respected and invited to expand. I have confidence in recommending Jonathan’s workshops and counseling.


Sally A. Devereux, MSW, RSW
Certified Integrative Body Psychotherapy Practitioner and Teacher.
Director, IBP Institute of Alberta – Edmonton Division.

The intricate combination of Jonathan's empowering teaching style and the works of Touch for Health truely changed the way I viewed health, wellbeing, and myself.


Willow MacLeod, Touch for Health, Edmonton

"Touch for Health is a wonderful fascinating class; Jonathan is a warm, funny, patient teacher."


Christine Marsh, Touch for Health, Edmonton

"Profound - Instructor is gifted teacher, creates safe environment for learning, fun, passionate, energetic. . . I loved the course and the energetic space he created. Builds on previous experience. Always addressed our questions."


Robyn Mott, Touch for Health, Edmonton

"Profound - Great – has wonderful energy, caring person, passionate about material being taught. Willing to answer questions, full of knowledge. Very healing (leading to a) desire for me to more forward. Thanks so much."


Traci Belyk, Touch for Health, Edmonton

"I am a Canadian author who was very fortunate to take a year-long facilitator training in Family Constellations with Jonathan Hooton. The experience has been life-changing — not only in the everyday but in my working life as a literary artist. I now wait, as I have been taught, for things to emerge instead of pushing the river. We all learned, “The field provides.” As a result I have been rewarded with brand-new insights for my novel-in-progress. It has moved from a place of stuck-ness to a place of beautiful flow. What a gift! Thank you Jonathan!"


Martha Brooks, Family Constellations Facilitator Training.

"Jonathan is a teacher with extensive knowledge in his field, and unfailing integrity in his relationships. He embodies what he teaches in his own behaviour as a teacher and a facilitator. He is generous in sharing what he has learned, frank about the limits of his knowledge, open to learning in the moment, and scrupulous about taking responsibility for his mistakes. The trauma sensitive approach he brings to family constellations is timely and highly valuable, and his down-to-earth and pragmatic approach to matters of the soul is bracing and refreshing. I felt safe and supported in following a course which was a bit of a stretch for me."


N. B.,
Family Constellations Facilitator Training.

"My first introduction to Family Constellation was at a workshop that Jonathan was Facilitating in October 2016. The profound and instantaneous healing that I received through Jonathan's innate ability, sincere compassion, knowledge, and his knowing of the healing field during this workshop catapulted me into taking his Facilitator Training Course starting in March 2017. The wealth of learning and healing throughout the Facilitator Training was invaluable, and I am forever grateful! Thank-You Jonathan!"


Colleen Kirkley,
Family Constellations Facilitator Training.

"Don't worry if you never decide to do this for a living. You will learn more about yourself, the people you come from, and your place in the world, than any amount of thinking or reading can offer."


J. Stumph,
Family Constellations Facilitator Training.

"As a facilitator of almost 30,000 participants, I have a high bar for facilitators working in the realm of groups, trauma, psychotherapy, etc. Immediately, I was put at ease as Jonathan walks the talk and ensures a respectful, safe learning environment where all parts of me were welcome. He is extremely well-read as well so I feel fully capable of putting my new skills into immediate practice for my clients."


Karen Goodfellow, Master Therapeutic Counsellor,
Family Constellations Facilitator Training.

"Last workshop I came to you with joint and nerve pain that was bugging me. After the last workshop, I started to notice my nerve and muscle pain has reduced dramatically. I can now grab a pen and write without any pain, and my joints feel a lot more nimble now. I'm writing just to let you know that your system is incredibly effective and I also want to say thank you for your wonderful help. I feel like a completely different person now."


George F.,
Family Constellations workshop participant.



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