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Releasing Personal and Ancestral Burdens

“An old Chinese proverb tells us, to forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root.”
Janet Easter, Jung and the Ancestors, 2016

“For no one can see very far ahead who is not anchored in the deep past.”
Michael Meade, Fate and Destiny, 2010

We live in a web of interrelated forces, many of which influence us on an unconscious level. When there is an interruption or break in a strand in that web, we will feel a disharmony without knowing the source of that interruption to our well-being. Two sources of unconscious interruptions in our lives are unresolved issues, or entanglements, in our family systems and personal unresolved traumas, including inhibited grief and toxic shame, which may also be transmitted intergenerationally.

Interruptions to life energy and love can be the unresolved issues of our ancestors, our parents, and unresolved personal traumas, including medical procedures, violence, neglect, that range from experiences in the womb, birth, early childhood and throughout life. Interruptions can manifest as relationship difficulties, addictions, depression, anxiety, illness, repeating patterns and financial concerns.

The Family Constellations process can be very helpful in revealing underlying and unconscious dynamics that are not accessible by other methods. It is a way of looking “outside the box.” The insights that often arise in this process can help resolve relationship issues, lead to new understandings, help unlock repetitive patterns, release a feeling of being stuck in life, empower participants to face the challenges that inevitably come in life, and assist in healing processes and personal growth. Another benefit is to lift the burden on our children who are the first to carry the pain of unresolved family issues. Taking part in the process can also bring compassion for, and understanding of, the situations of other people – an opportunity to “walk a mile in another person’s shoes.”


with Jonathan Hooton
Sunday 18th December2022

#2 10865 96 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta

How much:
Fee: $150 including GST

Sunday 18th December 2022
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

To register,:
Contact: Jonathan Hooton
phone: 780 426 1508

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